PORTUGAL – Up Partner produces Refrige Coca Cola Convention

In time of crisis, where people need an extra motivation and feel sad due to global economical crisis, Up Partner was determined to spread happiness amongst Coca Cola workers, and put a flame of hope inside all. They decided to close the real and entire Coca Cola Production factory for 3 days and share ‘happiness’ amongst more than 600 employers, inspired by the international video ‘There are reasons to believe in a better world‘.
Coca-Cola (414).jpg

For the setting, they used all the Coca Cola crates and product boxes as decoration. More than 7000 crates were used. Even the seats on the coaching rooms were made out of Coca Cola crates. All the video projection and lighting was designed to enhance those areas. Two major screens were used and sound system spread in all the factory compound. The entire stage and design was made once again using crates, but also gigantic images of the heroes of Coca Cola commercials. Finally, outside the factory on the food court, they used the real Coca Cola trucks as part of the scenario. On the other spaces they created 4 major clinic and coaching rooms.
Coca-Cola (1176).jpg
To serve lunch to 600 people, they set a huge food court in partnership with Coca Cola best suppliers. They added animation teams in all the factory, and a special place with a 3D movie room, a museum and a visit to the facilities marked also the opening of the factory to the schools after the event. Using musical workshops and recycled pets and cans, they also created the ‘Happiness Band‘ with employers, ending with a major firework show by the end of the day.