Palermo hosts the second edition of EuBea Advisory Board

Palermo hosts the second edition of EuBea Advisory Board

As we eagerly wait to meet for the second European Festival of Events, which will take place in Seville next November (5th-7th), ADC Group has made arrangements for international journalists and representatives of companies and associations in Europe to gather on June 5th at the Domina Coral Bay Hotel & Resort Sicilia Zagarella. Here, for two days, we shall discuss the Festival’s timetable and ‘must-have’ content.

eubeaThe ‘EuBea Festival – The International Festival of Live Events and Communication’, the European appointment for training and discussion aimed at the events market, now in its second edition, will be held once again in Seville, Spain, from November 5th to 7th. Like last year, the two days will include Jury sessions for the international EuBea Awards, workshops dedicated to the meetings industry and the Awards Ceremony of the best events in Europe.

dominacoralbayIn order to define the Festival’s details and procedures, as well as the industry’s trends and hot topics to be discussed and studied through workshops and training sessions during the event, ADC Group has organised for about twenty representatives of the most prestigious companies, European trade associations and international journalists, a meeting on June 5th, at the Domina Coral Bay Hotel & Resort Sicilia Zagarella.

Throughout the weekend’s gathering, participants will debate on the organisational aspects of the event, providing important suggestions and ideas for deliberation on the most diverse issues: from voting methods to audience involvement, from award categories to up-to-the-minute industry topics. For the occasion, Domina Hotels and the DMC Tour Plus have provided an exclusive tour of the city and in particular of the Teatro Massimo and the Palatine Chapel.

In addition to the President of ADC Group, Salvatore Sagone, and the President of EuBea Awards 2015 Luca Favetta (WW Senior Director HP Events at Hewlett-Packard HP), the following guests will participate in the meeting:

Bertrand Biard, President ANAE’, France

Tomas Brazda, Managing director EVENT MKG ASSOCIATION, Czech Rep.

Ilka Dzeik, Senior Manager Global Corporate Events EMEA SYMANTEC, Germany

Ana Fernandes, Vice president APECATE, Portugal

Marco Forgione, Chief Executive EVCOM, UK

Elling Hamso, Managing director ROI INSTITUTE, Norway

Carlo Hermes, Ceo HERMES &PARTNER, Italy

Stefan Kozak, Vice-President BTL COMMUNICATIONS ASSOCIATION, Slovakia

Nadia Makova, Editor in chief EVENT RU, Russia

Kerstin Meisner, Editor in chief MEMOMEDIA, Germany

Rui Ochoa, Director EVENT POINT, Portugal

Yavuz Özdel, President YEPUD, Turkey

Jaime Sánchez, Member AEVA, Spain

Maarten Schram, Managing director IDEA, Netherlands

Christian Seidenstuecker, President ISES, Germany

Jean Paul Talbot, Co-founder and editor in chief EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE, Belgium

Bjorn Wigforss, Global Event Director & Head of Publishers MICROSOFT, Finland

Detlef Wintzen, Board Member of Famab FAMAB, Germany


Online members:

Niklas Birgetz, Managing director SEFS, Sweden

Johan Vandepoel, Ceo ACC, Belgium

Sven Theobald, Head of Corporate Events BAYER, Germany

José Garcia Aguardod, Founder EVENTOPLUS, Spain

Hege Mauroy, Managing director SPONSRINGS, Norway

Rolf Schumann, Head of Global Marketing Communication SKODA AUTO, Czech Rep.

Cristiano Fiorio, Brand Promotion manager Cross Brand EMEA FIAT, Italy

Roeslan Danoekoesoemo, Global Event Activation Manager HEINEKEN, Netherlands

Klaus Span, Executive CoE Product Managment & Business Dvlp IBM, Germany

Sjoerd Weikamp, Editor in Chief EVENTBRANCHE, Netherlands