NETHERLANDS – MindMeeting and SEES Launch Unique Cooperation

NETHERLANDS – MindMeeting and SEES Launch Unique Cooperation

During this year’s IMEX, MindMeeting and SEES announced their plans to cooperate on Meeting Design services for the Indian market. Two of the companies’ founders signed the agreement by which SEES will start offering advanced Meeting Design solutions for Indian organizations who hold meetings.

mike_v_d_vijverIt is becoming ever clearer that live meetings will need to become more effective in order to remain strategically viable. Unless meetings prove their unique communicative power, organizations will increasingly deploy advanced technological solutions in order to keep costs down. Meeting Design is one of the few strategic innovations that support the meeting industry in its vital pursuit to remain relevant. In recent years, organizers and participants alike have progressively begun to recognize the power and the effectiveness of well-designed meeting programmes.

In an unprecedented strategic move, two companies from widely different parts of the world are now joining forces to spread Meeting Design know- how and services. Starting from April, 2016, Hyderabad-based SEES will offer Meeting Design services to their client-base in India (corporate, government and association). These services will be provided by one of the best-known and ground-breaking Design agencies in the world, MindMeeting from the Netherlands.

SEES co-founder Nitin Sharma explains: “We are very excited to have entered into a partnership with MindMeeting, the pioneers in Meeting Design. At the outset, we were clear that we wanted not just the best solution providers of Meeting Design but also with whom we could implement a long term strategy in developing India’s huge nascent market that needs to be educated and serviced simultaneously. Besides having an uncanny similarity in our starting out models, we also share our values, ethos & work culture. Undoubtedly, these are exciting times for the Meeting Industry in India and SEES is committed to bringing in a measurable transformation in the years to come.”

For MindMeeting, the cooperation is a logical next step after earlier activities in India. Says MindMeeting’s co-founder Mike van der Vijver (image): “We have visited India several times in the past few years, raising the awareness about the importance of well-designed Meetings and Conference programmes in a number of workshops and trainings. With SEES, we have found a local partner who shares our views on the future of meetings. And even more importantly, we have found a great alignment around such shared values as friendship and fun. People often think that you can’t – you shouldn’t! – found a business cooperation on human connections like this, but we fundamentally disagree. We are extremely pleased that after our recent expansion in Spain, we have now found the same spirit that has always distinguished MindMeeting in India, as well.”

MindMeeting and SEES signed their cooperation agreement during the IMEX Trade Show in Frankfurt, on 19th April. Later this year, the same initiators intend to set up the not-for-profit “Meeting Design Institute India” to provide training and other services aimed at raising the awareness about Meeting Design in this vast country.