LITHUANIA – Vilnius introduces a new City Development Agency: GO Vilnius

LITHUANIA – Vilnius introduces a new City Development Agency: GO Vilnius

Unveiled in May 2016, GO Vilnius is the city’s new development agency combining international investment, business development, and city marketing and tourism initiatives, including the work of the Vilnius Convention Bureau, under one umbrella organisation. 

vilniusGO Vilnius’ wider strategic investment responsibilities will serve to reinforce the activities of the Vilnius Convention Bureau and will help to facilitate and synchronise initiatives related to promoting the city as a hub for intellectual capital and new business opportunities.

Given the rate of growth Lithuania is currently experiencing and the reputation it is building as a country that is easy to do business in and with, the need to form an agency like GO Vilnius has been apparent for quite some time. GO Vilnius will support the management of this growth and help set standards and new targets to enhance the competitive edge of Vilnius as an international city.

As a municipal development agency, GO Vilnius responds to the potential of the city’s intellectual capital and the value put into the growth of a strong knowledge economy. Given this, there is a need to establish an economic climate that encourages fresh ideas, attracts creative minds and inspires positive change. This emphasis on development means Vilnius will increasingly be a city people are excited to visit and interested to take up residence in. With a renewed focus on drawing more tourists and businesses to the city, the GO Vilnius initiatives also stand to impact significantly on the meetings and events industry.

Commenting on the GO Vilnius initiative, Jolanta Beniuliene, Head of Vilnius Convention Bureau, stated “Within the activities of this agency, the Vilnius Convention Bureau’s strategic priority will be to attract and host even more international events from fields relating to technology, life sciences, shared services centres and business services, and manufacturing”.