Kozak (Creative Pro group): “EuBea is the strongest European event industry channel. Definitely”

Kozak (Creative Pro group): “EuBea is the strongest European event industry channel. Definitely”

Stefan Kozak, founder, owner, managing director of Creative Pro group (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary) is a sort of ‘institution’ for EuBea Festival. He is and has been an Advisory Member, an Association Partner and he also participated as Entrant Agency. Furthermore, during one of the last editions of the event he met the Association 27Names and he is now member of this important international network.


kozakYou have an impressive cv. Can you tell us about your backgrounds?

I´ve obtained a degree in theatre & film production management at Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia) and I have widen the scope of my studies by attending MBA course at Brno International Business School in Czech republic.

At the beginning of my career I have worked for an organisation founded by myself and for civil society organisations operating in the field of theatre and art. I also frequently contributed to various theatre and film projects as well as international festivals.

In 2003 I´ve co-founded a company focused on live & event marketing, Creative Pro, and consequently I’ve built a diversified group of companies called Creative Pro group, with business presented mainly on Slovak and Czech market.

From 2008 until 2011 I was also a co-founder with an active participation in an international company active in the field of design & production, called 30/70 Productions.

Except for managing the daily life of Creative Pro group, I am in charge of business development, acquisition of new business as well as specific ‘live marketing projects and developments’ in Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary and Poland.

Where do you think is the world of events going to? What about new trends?

It is going in a really strong and right direction. Digital influence is visible in every marcomm field at the moment – also in events, of course – but it will never erase the live communication importance. As Bjorn Wigforss said, live marketing and every sustainable communication have two legs, the physical (events) and digital (apps…). But just with one leg, you are not able to walk. So I see the future of events world very clearly and highly positive.

 What do you think of an event like European Best Event Awards? Is it important for event market? Why?

No doubt at all. EuBea and Salvatore Sagone with his team have created a strong standard -benchmark for the whole European live and event marketing industry with the high perception on international knowledge and information sharing. EuBea has formed also my present… I’ve started almost 15 years ago, during the studies at university for film and dramatic arts. Since then and thanks to ‘humbleness that disarms’ international know and experience, Creative Pro has become the leader in live marketing & event marketing industry in Slovakia & Czech Republic. At the moment we are focusing on creating the first live communication Eastern European experience and live marketing agency with the main focus on Slovakian, Hungarian, Polish and Czech market. Honestly and without any pro – pr ideas, EuBea was one of the most important milestones that contributed to create the current status of Creative pro group and myself. It has opened my views and eyes on live communication.

 You were advisory member, entrant agency, association partner… Do you think that an event like EuBea is important for visibility?


Just for example: for external communication or relevant agency or association Pr in business segment, this event is definitely creating the strongest awareness and brand visibility and leads to future results.

 And what about networking and new business? Did you developed synergies thanks to EuBea?

Oh, so many… And really many! Starting with Salvatore Sagone, Michael Muller and Giulio Bortolussi and ending with 27Names or Bjron Wigforss. I am really thankfull. And, as I said, it was and still is an important milestone for my business and personal future. EuBea is the strongest European event industry channel. Definitely.

 You got in contact with the members of 27Names and you are a member now… Can you tell us how did it go?

Thanks to EuBea – and in particular Salvatore Sagone and Gulio Bortolussi – I had the chance to become part of this group of European live comm leader agencies. And yes, after a long story, we did it.

Last question: what tips would you give to people starting out in the industry?

Work hard. Work hard. Work hard.

Work creative.


And… Bring passion and strong belief on impact with emotions.