ITALY – #WeWantRoma2024 with Filmmaster Events

ITALY – #WeWantRoma2024 with Filmmaster Events

Filmmaster Events produced the official candidacy event for Rome 2024: the show recalled the great emotions of Rome Olympic and other important Italian events from 1960 until today, with the participation of important guests and highly emotional performances.

filmmasterA 180-meters LED screen framed the event location. It recalled the great victories of the biggest Italian athletes, thanks to videos, contents and unpublished and highly technological images. The show was hosted by Fabio Guadagnini and Fiona May. Before the beginning of the show, Sergio Castellitto gave an emotional speech, paying homage to Rome’s extraordinary history, since its creation until today.

Some exceptional guests went on stage, including Nino Berruti, Olympic Champion of Rome 1960. Diana Bianchedi, Olympic champion and now actively involved in CONI, fenced with her daughter, Giulia, who is now following her mother’s steps.

The soprano Olivia Salvadori made an unforgettable performance, interpreting an arrangement of Roman Holiday and The Great Beauty by Sorrentino, to homage the movie industry of Rome.

The show ended with a multitude of lights and LEDs, thanks to the help of several children, the future athletes of Rome 2024. They made a tribute to the Closing Ceremony of Rome 1960, when the Olympic Torch was blown out and the audience lit Rome sky with lighters. It was an enchanting moment, and Filmmaster Events decided to celebrate the most emotional part of the Olympic Games, in which the interaction with the public played an essential role.