ITALY –  Unicredit to Wembley with Europe’s champs

ITALY – Unicredit to Wembley with Europe’s champs

Sinergie has been commissioned for another UniCredit roadshow. A springtime
mini-tour in 21 Italian cities to help one of Europe’s biggest banking groups stress
and communicate its ties with the UEFA Champions League, for which it is a main
The purpose is to inform the group’s reference target of the promotion tied
to its Genius Card: getting this debit card and loading it with at least 100 euros from
March 1 to April 15, the cardholder can take part in the draw for tickets for the 2013
final at Wembley Stadium
, London.

Every soccer fan’s dream is to go to a Champions League final. No matter which
teams are playing, being right there in a jam-packed stadium, with the glare of the
floodlights and heat of the expectant crowd are thrills that fans want to experience at
least once in their lives. The passion for the game brings people together, builds long
lasting bonds and a desire for mutual enjoyment. People of all ages share the same
enthusiasm and impatient fervor for the final.

Sinergie has designed a creative project aimed at reaching the target in an innovative,
multimedia way
. The benefits of the promotion, already of huge appeal to real fans,
will be the leitmotif of a narration projecting potential cardholders into the thrills of
the UEFA Champions League final. A project consolidating the Sinergie-UniCredit