ITALY – The Samsung Excellent Experience by Eventually Agency


The occasion was the launch of two new flagship products of the brand, the awaited Smartphone Galaxy S II and the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. At 7.30 pm top clients, VIPs and journalists began the boarding process for accreditation through a management software. Time for a souvenir photo and the guests found themselves in a very hi-tech space, dominated by the colors white and blue. The welcome cocktail was followed by the real presentation, announced by a voice-over in “Star Trek” style that invited guests to sit on the white cube poufs that surrounded a real ring set up in the middle of the room.

The task to christen the new born products of Samsung was entrusted to the charmy presenter Natasha Stefanenko, who then invited on the stage Carlo Barlocco, Vice President of Telephony and IT division of Samsung Electronics Italy which did the honors of the evening. 

06At this point we entered in the true presentation and the space began to come alive. The description of the new products was supported by a high quality video projected on parallelepiped structures suspended in space and by the funny “incursions” of Matteo and Francesca, two holograms that interacted with the guests showing and explaining the many features of Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 10.1.


After the presentation which was a real spectacle, a buffet dinner was organized for the guests cooked by Côte à Côte Catering Agency and the drinks were prepared by acrobatic freestyle barmen.

From 10.30 pm, Area 56 opened the door also to the PR lists with a total of about 500 guests who were entertained by the performance of the sound designer Matteo Ceccarini and by the talented cellist Naomi Berrill.


Director of the event, the competencies of Eventually Agency which worked in synergy with Cheil Communication. For this great event – explains Carlo Barlocco – the briefing passed to the agency to develop the concept, was based on three main features of the new products: lightness, brightness and speed. A high-tech environment was recreated, where the human being found themselves to interact with holograms and to live an experience of touch & feel with the new products placed in different areas of the location, an international streaming on, was offered to give the opportunity for those who did not attend/or could not attend the event. A total of 4500 registrations were counted.

For the realization of the event 18 staff, 10 hostesses and 4 models were involved for the organization and flow of the guests during the evening. Dress and look was cared by a team of costume designers and makeup artists.