ITALY – Sinergie organises the first Aviva – UBI BPI World Record Static Apnea Group Attempt

ITALY – Sinergie organises the first Aviva – UBI BPI World Record Static Apnea Group Attempt

Cuba was the destination for UBI Banca Private Investment and Aviva for a weeklong training programme and a group attempt at the world static apnea record. Jogging and exercises in breathing and relaxation were part of the preparation.

Sinergie handled organisation of this important event. In addition to the work-related sessions, the guests also had the chance to put themselves to the test in a specially designed two-pronged training process designed to ensure they would get the most out of the experience while gaining insight on how to improve their work performance.

During the first part, which filled up a number of days (and lungs), three professional instructors held a course in apnea, where each participant was vying with himself/herself in a new challenge. The parallels between this sports discipline and working life—an immersion in constant movement and activity—produced the perfect metaphor for the spirit of tenacity needed to face the daily challenges of the workplace.

The second part was characterised by deep interpersonal exchange among the participants facilitated by a trainer-guide. Dubbed “Thinking Aperitifs”, these encounters were focused primarily on stress management, and did indeed include before-dinner drinks. The participants were totally engaged and able to interact on very profound levels, leading to constructive thinking on day-to-day reality and the best ways to approach it.

The intense programme also included a work meeting, where the top performers in the apnea course were given awards, and a visit to Havana. The guests thus had the chance to immortalise various historical plazas, such as Plaza de la Catedral and Plaza de Armas, a number of parks, such as Parque Central and Parque de la Fraternidad, as well as some of the spots that are most representative of modern Cuba, such as Plaza de la Revolución and the El Vedado neighbourhood. When it was time for a break, they visited the Havana Club Museum, which included a taste of Cuba’s most famous drink.

The week was capped off with a gala dinner in the suggestive Villa Dupont, a seaside location that combines history with a breath-taking panorama. The dinner included a ceremony where the best financial planners received due acknowledgement.