ITALY – Samsung Galaxy S7: Milan with its eyes looking skyward for the first city laser show by Eventually

ITALY – Samsung Galaxy S7: Milan with its eyes looking skyward for the first city laser show by Eventually

An unprecedented event that gave the City of Milan a unique show where an explosion of lights and sounds reached the skyscrapers of Porta Nuova, captivating 20,000 people.

samsungThursday, 10th March, starting at 10:00 p.m., the City of Milan hosted an exclusive performance involving 20,000 people which featured the Porta Nuova area for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7.

It was the first European laser show that re-designed the city skyline to the notes of Waveforms in an original composition by Negramaro’s Andro, with the extraordinary participation of Bluvertigo’s Sergio Carnevale, violinist Mauro Pagani and Lele Sacchi, followed by a dj set by Fatboy Slim. A free event in Gae Aulenti Square through which Samsung welcomed a new, revolutionary mobile device to the marketplace that, in the two weeks prior to the launch on 21st February, registered pre-orders 2.5 times greater than any other Galaxy mobile.

Starting from the vibrant core of the show, the 20,000 spectators present and the 1,000 users who followed the show live through Periscope, an official Samsung channel – launched by the first tweet with 14,000 views – experienced a veritable Big Bang, a 360-degree journey of the senses, with lasers and waves of sound. Through an interweaving of lasers that connected the entire Porta Nuova area and touched the Samsung District building, the Bosco Verticale and Solaria skyscrapers, the Regional Building and the UniCredit tower, Samsung created a giant multimedia installation which tangibly exemplified the concept of connectivity, of galaxies and going beyond the new Galaxy S7.

The event was produced and realized by Eventually – an Italian agency with 16 years experience in events planning – Producer: Marco Abbiati, Project Manager: Emiliano Brugnoni – with an original format by Gio Forma and Anghela Alò, who handled the creative and artistic direction.

The incredible laser show, designed by ER Productions, was possible thanks to a central cube from which the show emerged, and to more than 100 beams of light located at high-points in the square, 260 positioned lasers, and more than 400 mirrors distributed among the tops of the main skyscrapers. A process that transported guests into an all-encompassing experience, anticipating a completely new way of creating content and sharing special and unique moments thanks to the novel 360-degree video available with the new Galaxy S7.