ITALY – Mondial Assistance rebrands as Allianz Global Assistance with a convention

ITALY – Mondial Assistance rebrands as Allianz Global Assistance with a convention

Mondial Assistance, a leading consumer specialty insurance and
assistance provider, has rebranded to Allianz Global Assistance. In Italy all this has been
celebrated with a highly participated convention, organized by the Italian event agency
Events In & Out, which took place in the historical Palazzo della Triennale, in Milan, in
front of hundreds of the company’s employees.

This convention was the peak of a long internal campaign, managed with the help of an advertising agency. Over the months,
many employees gave their testimonial to the concept of “change”, commenting on its values
in both visual ads and interview shootings which, made by Mondial and then selected and
assembled by Events In & Out, turned to be an important part of the convention.

The event project, realized by the Italian agency and directed by Annamaria Ruffini CMP, in
collaboration with the former Mondial Assistance, provided as a location the “Triennale”, in

The Museum of the Triennale, on the first floor of the building, exclusively reserved, hosted
the entire event from the welcome cocktail, which was followed by the convention, that as a
soundtrack had the famous Wind of change by the Scorpions, here proposed in a sparkling
rearrangement by the musician Alessio Cona.
The event took benefit from the great creative and logistics effort of Events In & Out, which
had set the room with a magnificent background supported by lighting effects progressively
turning from red to blue, thus exemplifying the transition from the old logo (whose dominant
colour was red) to the new one (whose main colour is blue).

During the convention the major world and Italian Allianz managers introduced in detail
what it means for the company moving to the new brand, in terms of evolution, innovation,
diversity of people and ideas, competitive advantage. Speeches were given by the Regional
Director Claudio Plevisani, the CEO and General manager Paola Corna Pellegrini, the
Head of the Allianz markets for Europe, Middle East and Africa Ida Luka-Lognoné and
Pedro Martins, Head of employee and executive communications.

Then the Italian showman Patrizio Roversi, well known in Italy for his numerous television
appearances, stepped onto the stage. He let the movie run, made both emotional and fun by
the Events In & Out editing, in which some employees spoke about their own experience and
expectations about the rebranding. Later, while Roversi stressed the importance of people in
the future success of Allianz, a slide show started with pictures of the faces of all the 74
employees involved in the casting for the internal campaign. Then Corna Pellegrini and Roversi presented the eleven visuals of the internal campaign
and the two of the external campaign, rewarding the employees-testimonial with especially
tailored statuettes.

Afterwards the dinner buffet was held in the lobby, furnished with numerous totems
reporting the visuals of the campaign. The main hall, all lit up in the logos’ shades of red and
, was meanwhile fully reorganized (in just half an hour, a record time considering the
size of the room), changing its looks from meeting room to lounge, with modern furnishings
extolling the bright colours. The guests, after dinner, were accommodated for the official
toast and the cutting of the cake
with the new company logo. The evening then ended up with
live music in the disco style.