ITALY – Milan Expo 2015: opening the doors of Europe

From May 1st to October 31st, 2015 the City of Milan will host the next Universal Exposition with the theme “Feed the Planet, Energy for Life”. The important goal is tostimulate dialogue by exchanging views between international players concerned with nutrition and the management of our planet’s resources. A true “sensory experience” will be created throughout the numerous events, conferences and meetings for those involved with these important issues.

EXPO 2015 will be unique. Here are just a few numbers:
– 140 countries and international organizations will be participating;
– 20 million visitors are expected;
– 6 million visitors from outside Italy will be part of those anticipated during the event’s six months;
– 1 million square meters of exhibition area of will be used;
– 70,000 new jobs will be created;
– Thousands of events will be organized throughout 184 days.

Gianluca Scavo

This translates into an outstanding business opportunity. Gianluca Scavo (image), CEO of AIM Group International is very enthusiastic. He said:“For operators in both the tourism sector and the meetings industry, this is a great opportunity to exploit the potential of the EXPO. Many have been preparing for some time, as have we!”. 

The event will provide great visibility for the City of Milan, as it faces the challenge of hosting and managing an extraordinary flow of visitors. The Expo will also showcase all of Italy as well as neighbouring countries.

“We expect that most of the visitors, especially those who come from far away, will stay in Milan to visit the exhibition and then extend their visit to other places of interest in our country” says Gianluca Scavo

The Universal Exposition of the City of Milan will be a major factor in attracting international associations and corporate events to Italy. Through this international showcase for all of Europe, Milan will serve as a gateway by hosting events related to the theme of the EXPO that include itineraries of cultural interest.

“AIM Group International has created special packages combining a visit to the EXPO with combinations of other cities, as well as enogastronomic (food and wine) tours based on the theme of the EXPO. We named this offer Follow Us to Europe. All offices are mobilized to execute this attractive and new product and use to best extend the opportunities related to Milan hosting EXPO 2015” Gianluca adds.

It is hoped that those coming from long- and medium-haul markets such as the Middle East, South and North America and Asia will seize this opportunity to extend their stay not only in Milan but also in the rest of Europe. Demand around the time of EXPO 2015 has already begun to rise to new levels.