ITALY – Genoa: signed agreement to foster the city’s candidacy as a host destination for events

ITALY – Genoa: signed agreement to foster the city’s candidacy as a host destination for events

Councillor for Tourism and Culture of the City of Genoa, Carla Sibilla, recently signed an agreement with Riccardo Esposto, President of Genoa’s Convention Bureau. The agreement envisages collaboration between the public sector and the private sector in support of the city’s candidacy to host important national and international congresses. The initiative, conceived within the context of the “candidacy project” developed by Convention Bureau Genova, aims at promoting the city as a MICE destination.


“Congress tourism has always been a key point of tourist development in the city. The current economic crisis on an international level and the strong competition that exists between destinations, has forced the city not only to take an active stance but also to coordinate the strategies necessary to corner new market spaces and confirm existing ones”. For this reason, we have decided to offer our full support to the proposals put forward by Convention Bureau Genova which has shown enormous commitment and professionalism in a bid to bring large events of National and international importance to our city”, commented Carla Sibilla.

Thanks to the agreement and signing of the convention, a series of benefits and subsidies in support of the candidacies promoted by Convention Bureau Genova will be offered: a free APP dedicated to tourist information in the city, the participation of a local authority at the opening ceremonies of congresses, facilitations regarding transit and parking in the city, free institutional spaces for welcome events, etc

Among the promotional initiatives proposed by Convention Bureau Genova for 2013, in addition to the most important national and international trade fairs and major B2B workshops in the MICE sector, a week-long Educational has also been scheduled for buyers. As guests of the city not only will they have a chance to get to know the area better but also learn about all of its potential as a major tourist destination.