ITALY – Future and technology for Stryker pan-European convention signed by Input

1400 people from 18 different countries. Destination: Barcelona. This was the mobilization for Stryker European Divisional Meeting. The company, a leader in medical technologies, for the first time in its history gathered all its employees for a convention of great impact and memorability designed and realized by Input – Input Group.
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Imagine Our Future. Together as One‘ was the concept that inspired the two-day convention providing the emotional and thematic terrain on which Stryker 2012 vision and strategy were presented. Objective: to focus on the chance for participants to generate new ideas through teamwork, playing an active role in the future of the company.
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The attainment of future goals was therefore entrusted to the activation of an emotional, rather than rational, process. This resulted in an opening 3D videomapping, recounting the big achievements in human history and showing how the future is not an abstract reality, but an active and participatory dimension and the fruit of the imagination (

The video, produced by InputLab, Input Group multimedia production company, was projected onto a purpose-built stage set architecture and developed along the 50 meters parterre of the Palau Sant Jordi. The scene consisted of overlapping geometric volumes which, thanks to the projected images, was for over two hours in continuous transformation.
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The agenda of the event included meetings on specific topics, a plenary session led by Laura Piccinini, Stryker Europe President, and the awarding of the employees, which seamlessly turned into a final dinner party. Protagonists of the evening, in addition to employees, helium LED balloons, measuring 2 meters in diameter, changing color at the touch of the hand, which provided a moment of collective entertainment.
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In the course of the evening a Wii championship was held, whose fees have been devoted to the Stryker Aid, a project in support of disadvantaged children in Kenya. Available to guests there were also ‘Future Me’ stations, visual interactive platforms designed to give voice to the guests who were invited to take pictures of themselves and to represent on a touch screen, through words or drawings, their idea of  the future. All this, projected on big screens automatically by the system, has generated a collective picture, ‘Together as One’.