ITALY – Florence lights up with FlashEnergyShow, signed GEM Fonema.

GemCopertina.jpgSaturday 22 October, the city of Florence became the natural stage for the 1st FlashEnergyShow by Enel Energia, “The Divine Energy”, signed GEM Fonema, which was attended by over 10.000 people. From 7pm, one of the most famous squares in Italy was filled with a new energy. A tribute to Italian culture and to Dante, with a backward journey, which started from Paradise, went through the Purgatory and ended with a resounding and unexpected arrival in hell.

Designed by Chiara Scarpellini, Creative Director of Gem Fonema, directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo, GEM Fonema realized for Enel an extraordinary show. Two performances by Mapping were specially created to represent the magic, the charm of Paradise and the heaviness, adrenaline of hell. A vertical dance performance at 90 meters from the ground with 6 acrobatic dancers who made the entire square look up with a mixture of suspense and surprise.


The choreography was followed Bill Goodson’s unique style, who recreated the magic of Thriller (also designed by him and danced with Michael Jackson), which contaminated the whole square with an overwhelming rhythm. A real show: actors, dancers, music, lights, costumes, artists and performance but… in less than 30 minutes, like a FlashMob.

1 month of work, over 50 staff people, 5 days of installation, 3 projectors ansilumen 35.000 for the facade of Palazzo Vecchio + 2 video-projectors 20.000 in vertical for the 80-meter high tower, 90 moving heads + 40 projectors and strobe lights to create a lighting design with a strong visual impact and to enhance the contents of Mapping’s projection, one coach for the director equipped with video cameras and a 10-meter arm to project the event live on a big screen. All supported by a major audio project, designed to best amplify Piazza della Signoria.


Moreover, to prepare Florence for the event, in previous days the city had been contaminated by the passion of “The Divine Comedy”, through unusual activities of guerilla and street marketing. Giant cardboards and Dantesque characters walked around the city centre to announce the event and catch people’s attention.