ITALY – Filmmaster Events for the UEFA Champions League Final 2015 Ceremony

ITALY – Filmmaster Events for the UEFA Champions League Final 2015 Ceremony

Filmmaster Events with Circo De Bakuza signed the spectacular opening ceremony of Champions League Final at Berlin Olympiastadion, thrilling the 70.000 viewers in the stadium and keeping thousands of people stuck in front of the television all around the world.

uefaMore than 400 performers went on stage in the field of Olympiastadion to perform the complex choreographies created by Wanda Rokicki. The ceremony concept was based on arts. From Bauhaus to Street Art, from avant-gardes to design and contemporary art.

The core of the scene was composed by two queens, which represented the two main artistic tendencies with costumes inspired to Bauhaus and contemporary sketches. The mass choreographies in the background created complex patterns about football icons and Berlin main attractions, such as Brandenburg Gate.

The Champions Logo was designed in 3D for the first time, thanks to a special machinery composed by 8 stars. The stars then were joined together at the centre of the field, creating the logo and the stage for the performers. This logo will be the symbol of the future editions of Champions League.

Another novelty compared to last editions was the presence of a blue carpet covering a surface of 7,500 square meters. It has been arranged on the field by 136 stevedores only few seconds before the arrival of the performers. It was the perfect background for a spectacular and highly impressive ceremony.

120 professionals actively worked on the event. More than 100 meters of clothes racks have been used for the stage customs, all made in Italy. The distance covered to transport all the materials is 11,8000 km, and 3,500 sandwiches have been eaten by the volunteers during all these months.