ITALY – Eventually creates ‘Samsung into your space’

Once again Samsung confirms its leadership when it comes to technological innovation, with the launch of a series of new products for A3 printing solutions.
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After only 15 days since the presentation of the new Galaxy S3 and the new Series 9 Notebook, the company has celebrated the launch on the market of an innovative line up of products, with a two-days event, on 12-13 June, organised once again by Eventually, in collaboration with Cheil Italia.
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Into Your space, Samsung Printing Solutions Launch Event‘ was the naming chosen for the initiative, with a clear reference to the use destination of the new product. Objective of both the agency and the client was to transform the launch into an emotional event, very creative, with a strong visual impact. This is the reason why they used contemporary art to turn East End Studios into an opencast gallery where bright videomapped paper sheets with the product’s key words created an ever changing, amazing space.
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More than 400 guests from all over Europe and Korea took part in the event during the two days. John Peter Sloane, teacher and Zelig comedian, was the host of the international press conference on 12 June, while the event in the evening was hosted by Elenoire Casalegno.

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The Michelin Chef Moreno Cedroni was in charge of the dinner on the first evening and, following the general concept of the event, he played with light and colours, creating dishes that were works of art, inspired by 7 different colours. During the meal, the guests enjoyed the performance on the piano by Alessio Scialò.

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The second day was dedicated entirely to professionals that, thanks to a well-prepared team, had the chance to discover in detail the technical aspects of the products.

“The project management, the creative direction by Anghela Alò, great staff and collaborators and an extreme attention to details made this event a success”, explained 

Marco Abbiati, Ceo Eventually.