ITALY – Camparisoda 2011: now boarding

A year after its inauguration “Camparitivo in Triennale” is renewed and becomes the starting point for a journey that has as its goal the “Wonderful Future”.


In the garden there have been made “Camparisoda talent capsules”, from which symbolically begins the trip to the Wonderful Future, but not only. The talent capsules designed by Matteo Ragni were placed inside the Triennale’s garden in the shade of mature trees alongside the works of art that animate the area. They are places of concentration and are open to anyone who wants to use them for a meeting, for a moment of individual work, for an aperitif to combine creativity and conviviality.

09- Camparitivo in Triennale.jpg

It’s Camparisoda time, the time of a meeting, the time of the dialogue. It’s time to know each other. The project consists of installing real “capsules” which have as their guiding motor speed, lightness and distribution: three typical elements of the city of Milan and Camparisoda.

01- Camparitivo in Triennale.jpg

During the design week 2011, from April 12th to April 17th, Camparisoda has dedicated its design soul also in other events of the Fuorisalone.