ITALY – A Generali Grand Prix with vintage flair

ITALY – A Generali Grand Prix with vintage flair

The latest Generali Grand Prix took place in Basilicata, once again organised by the Milanese agency Sinergie.


The fabulous ‘70s were the theme of this year’s event. The 300 participants, all winners in productivity, had the chance to immerse themselves in the lights, colours and garb that characterised the decade and still remain vivid in our collective memory.

In addition to the spirit of sharing and conviviality that has always been a hallmark of this gathering, the rich activity program unfolded under the banner of fun and competition. Ping pong, target shooting and other games complemented the traditional, well loved beach volleyball tournament. New this year, an exhilarating but completely safe quad race was organised, much to the enjoyment of all team members.

The program was further enriched with an outing to the suggestive city of Matera and its world famous panoramas. The exquisite setting was later complemented with the gala dinner based on exclusive reinterpretations of local products.

Finally, the awards ceremony, celebrating those who know the pleasure of teamwork and the will to win, took place to a mix of disco rhythms and plunges into the past. Noted theatre and television personality Riccardo Rossi brought everyone together with his elegant humour, further embellishing an event that was already fully charged with enthusiasm.

The organisation of the Generali Grand Prix was a splendid success once again, reaffirming the value of the solid yet ever innovative formula developed through the harmonious collaboration between Assicurazioni Generali and the Sinergie team.