ITALY – A floating theater and a spectacular water show by K-events celebrates the Metinvest 5th Anniversary

On Saturday June 18th, Metinvest celebrated the values, identity and vision of a Group that achieved an enormous international success, with an exclusive gala night and a spectacular show in Donetsk in Ukraine.
06A unique and innovative style, enhanced by the suggestive floating location built for the special occasion next to Kirsha Training Centre, welcomed the International guests. Igor Syry, Ceo Metinvest, was the first to introduce the exclusive night. A 3D stereoscopic video presented the key messages of Metinvest’s international success thanks to a spectacular and innovative way. Later  institutional speeches of Vadim Novinsky and Rinat Akhmetov, President SCM Holding (System Capital Management).

06At this moment the floating structure opened magically on the water and an extraordinary show divided into 5 acts inspired by Metinvest’s values started: fire and pyrotechnics to evaluate the element of earth and the tradition of the Group; water performances and floating structures for the element of nature and sustainability; aerial choreographies for the values of people and leadership; with the representation of Metinvest logo made through a spectacular human choreography. subsequently an after-party in the garden with a dinner and performances lasted until late night. Many talents were involved in the show such as the choreographer Ivan Manzoni, K-events’ historical artistic partner since the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Game Ceremony.

Metinvest 3.jpg

The K-events team that developed the project, among the greatest ones never produced in Ukraine, where some weeks ago celebrated the 75 years of Shakhtar Donetsk, is composed by Gianmaria Serra, Executive Producer, Claudia Cattai Business Manager, with the Creative Direction of Alfredo Accatino. Lida Castelli Artistic Director, Lulu Helbaek Creative Coordinator, Adriano Martella Content Supervisor, Francesca Martinazzo Art Director Ferruccio Forcella Video and Motion Graphic.

The show, written and created by K-events, extraordinary from a visual point of view, was staged by Luc Petit.