ITALY – 550th Anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate by Balich Worldwide Shows

ITALY – 550th Anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate by Balich Worldwide Shows

Kazakh President Nazarbaev and the Ministry of Culture commissioned to Balich Worldwide Shows the historical national celebration for the 550th Anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate.

balichBalich Worldwide Shows has embraced the challenge to create in less than six weeks a lavish live show to experience the visual and emotional history of the “Eternal Country” reaching an outstanding achievement in a so short time. The group of international professionals from BWS has been able to stage a show that involved 5.000 characters played by the best actors and dancers of the nation; an artistic cast composed by 3.600 performers supported by the most modern technologies, such as Videosurround, to wrap the audience into an unforgettable view and the Scene Sound, a specifically produced soundtrack full of unique music, poems, weaving modern pop songs and folk melodies.

This outstanding ceremony took place at the newly-built Barys Ice Arena in Astana for an exclusive audience, amongst which the Presidents of fellow countries, and unravels, for the first time, all the history of Kazakhstan, traditions and innovation, starting from the book of its President Nursulan Abishevich Nazarbayev “Tarikh Tolkynda.

Thus a great scenic architecture was built, consisting of two large circles, representing the Sky and the Earth, in the midst stood the book narrating the history of the great steppe, where the eternal Kazakhstan thrives. The scene evokes an immense Yurta, home of the Nomads in which they gathered to tell stories and hand down their identity as a people. Besides the great book, two immense extension, capable of transforming the whole scene in the grand eagle with spread wings, the national symbol.

“Mangilik El” was not only a beautiful and touching celebration, but also the presentation to the whole world of the Nation that will host the next Expo in 2017.