ITALY – 10 years of Officine del Volo: from the restoration of industrial architecture to a new use

ITALY – 10 years of Officine del Volo: from the restoration of industrial architecture to a new use

Born from the desire of the architect Nicola Gisonda to perform real restoration of a part of the

former Caproni aircraft workshop, Officine del Volo recovers and maintains the charm of historic

industrial architecture of Milan of the early 20th century, transforming itself into a current and

dynamic location that is constantly evolving.


The structure is composed of three rooms, each with its own architectural and decorative

features (the Monoplano, Biplano and the Eliche rooms), renovated using original materials

where possible but equipped with modern technological equipment; the result is a sophisticated

mix that combines the past and the present.

The renovation however was not just a simple project of architectural restoration, but the

passing of the baton from a historic to a modern manufacturing company that lends itself to

multiple uses for activities of great relevance today.

The world of fashion, art, advertising, film and creativity as well as businesses and individuals,

find their natural place in this space, acknowledging its added value and appreciating it as a

business project which is contemporary and respectful of its history at the same time.

Due to strong entrepreneurial skills and careful management and attention to detail, Officine del

Volo is an iconic space today, recognized nationally and internationally.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the location, the bistro Corsia del Giardino will also host an installation that narrates the story of the ten years of Officine del Volo and that reflects the creative stamp of Nicola Gisonda. Again his work as a designer is mixed with

that of an entrepreneur offering the city of Milan another unique space. It is another scenic

location but this time smaller and in the center, entirely designed by the architect, where elegant

and modern design is the setting for a selection of simple foods of excellent quality.

The design of the installation is definitely innovative: the elements of nature, leaves and flowers

which characterize the concept of the bistro are taken by Gisonda and used as display stands

and framing of content related to Officine del Volo.


The conceptual bouquets which are perfectly inserted in the space in Via Manzoni, are made

of strips of flexible material with leaves attached featuring mini screens (video card) running

images and videos of the the most important events that have taken place at Officine del Volo. The 3 biggest bouquets are to be mounted on the ceiling, while the 5 smaller ones on the wall.

This system will allow the audience to admire the photographs taken by Gabriele Basilico and Matteo

Piazza in the early stages of renovation of the former factory, as well as the images of the

events that have been hosted at Officine del Volo in the last ten years.

It describes the evolution of the space, how it was and what it has now become.