HOLLAND – Spectacular opening EYE Film Institute Amsterdam

It is Wednesday evening, on 4th April, around 8 o’clock. After months of construction, the new EYE Film Institute is finally going to open. An exceptional and honourable moment for the Dutch film industry. For weeks the city centre of Amsterdam has faced the announcements on a huge banner and on billboards. Sensation and curiosity is in the air as a historical festivity is about to start.
After crossing the Amstel river by a ferry boat guests arrived to a long red carpet which was leading to the entrance of EYE Film Institute. The new EYE building was beautifully lightened and guests were warmly welcomed through a 20 pieces brass orchestra which was playing the original announcement tune used in many films. 

Meanwhile, guests were being filmed and photographed by Dutch journalists as they all wanted to register the festivity no one wants to miss. After this moment of fame, guests entered the building, where they were surprised by the beauty of the modern interior. They were gathered into the arena surrounded by windows which offers a fantastic view on the glistening water and Amsterdam. Big television screens in the room were showing the red carpet outside where other guests were still arriving. 

Suddenly trumpetists started a royal tune and the Director of EYE and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands appeared at the top of the stairs. A speech started followed by the official moment. When the queen pushed the red button, the lights switched off and a spectactular light show started. A breathtaking sensation is took the guests to a virtual world without limitations. 

Screens were showing the building outside, which was fully framed by lights. A live projection turned the building into a fascinating stream of lights. Paragliders outside were imaging live over the skyline while their parachutes were lightened with the EYE logo. From the inside, paragliders seemed like flying above and around the building. A way of projection in where a fantasy world becomes truth, innovative and at the same time a direct link to ‘film’ as the main subject of EYE. 

To continue the festivity guests were invited to discover the building. Mobile DJ boots were moving from one place to another, while thrilling the guests. In another room, a Dutch pop band was rocking the stage by playing modern songs. A couple of famous actors performed in between as guest singers.