GERMANY – Vok Dams takes a share in Creative Agency CE+Co

GERMANY – Vok Dams takes a share in Creative Agency CE+Co

Vok Dams, one of the world’s leading agencies for events and live-marketing,

has always been good for a surprise. Quality Management, Institute for

Live-Marketing, Event Consulting, and international offices are just a few

of the keywords with which the agency group has proven and expanded its

performance and expertise time and time again.

And thus, it was merely the logical next step to establish separate businesses for

further disciplines of live-marketing, such as Incentives, Sports Marketing and

Promotion, which all supplement the services offered by the group.


“For the first time,” says Colja M. Dams (image), CEO of the agency group Vok Dams,

“we take a share in a successful company whose service profile ideally expands

our portfolio. By joining the Hamburg-based Creative Agency CE+Co, we

strengthen our own market position as a specialist for ambitious events and

comprehensive live-marketing activities, both qualitatively as regards creativity

and quantitatively as regards event implementation.”

“About a year ago, we began to put greater emphasis on developing and

focussing on innovation and creation. As our clients more than ever before

ask for creative solutions, for 360 degree communication and for multichannel

marketing. In order to meet this demand and to take a holistic approach to

brand experiences – not merely from the event’s point of view – we have

developed a creativity strategy, which the creative strength of Hamburg-
based CE+Co ideally complements. The cooperation with CE+Co offers us

new opportunities and we expect our strategy to unfold even faster now in the

areas of Retail, Content Marketing, Trade Fair and Temporary Architecture or

Branded Entertainment,” adds Timo Hallwachs, Chief Creative Officer of Vok Dams.


“CE+Co,” says CEO Cedric Ebener (image), “contributes a creative, highly motivated

team that has frequently proven their interdisciplinary expertise with Cannes

Lions and ADC awards and –projects. The partnership with the Vok Dams

Group creates new scope for even more creativity and strength in the

implementation of our exciting projects, which keep increasing in size.”

As a part of the Vok Dams Group, CE+Co also profits from the quality

management system and the international orientation of the group. Synergy

effects will be used although both companies will continue to operate

independently on the market.