GERMANY – Vok Dams stages Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Museum

GERMANY – Vok Dams stages Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz Museum

On 4-5th June 2016 Mercedes-Benz celebrated a mega event at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, with a colorful program for all the families.

mercedesTogether with Mercedes-Benz, 25,000 visitors celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Mercedes-Benz Museum. Among the highlights of the event, there were a vehicle parade with icons of the Mercedes- Benz history, racing sports legends, who could be experienced live and close-up in talk sessions, outstanding live music performances, amongst other with Grace Capristo. The former singer of the band Monrose is the new Mercedes- Benz-ambassador and presented her current hits at the grand stage.

Culinary delicacies at the food-truck festival and an exciting KidsWorld rounded off the weekend full of sensational experiences.

All about the brand with the stars from the past, over the present and right through to the futures, the Mercedes-Benz Museum offered the perfect setting for this event. Because it is here that for the past 10 years the history of the automobile has been depicted – from its beginnings in the 19th century up to mobility studies and concepts of the future. A history, that is closely intertwined with the name Mercedes-Benz.

To turn this experience into a lasting impression, the Mercedes-Benz Museum trusted the automobile expertise of Vok Dams, one of the internationally leading agencies for events and live-marketing. With dedication and passion, the Stuttgart-based team of Vok Dams implemented this event, in which visitors could, as if in a time capsule, experience fashion, games, daily life and special elements of the past 130 years in a specially designed fun fair. Always in close conjunction to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, of course. Thus, guests got to know the museum with all its experience-oriented traits.