GERMANY – Vok Dams organizes the Biggest Dealer Conference in the history of Skoda

After 2010 – the company’s most successful sales year in its history – Skoda is on the cusp of a new era and has set itself further ambitious goals, such as doubling its car sales by 2018.

06To spread the sense of a new era and its strategic and emotional dimensions among the global dealerships, Skoda held a two-day World Dealer Conference in Prague. This was a unique event: more than 5,000 car dealers from more than 100 countries came together in two locations in the Czech capital to get to know the new power of the brand. Vok Dams was the full-service lead agency who, during a six-month planning phase, developed and realized the highly emotional show which focused on the new brand values and familiarised the 5,000 car dealers with these new brand values.  

06The business meeting and the subsequent evening event took place in the newly refurbished O2 Arena. As one highlight of the business meeting, Vok Dams produced the unveiling of the new corporate design, including a modified car logo and a refreshed communication logo. The 5,000 dealers and guests of the Volkswagen Group were given an exclusive preview of the new brand identity of Skoda three weeks before the presentation to the public.  
06The transition from business meeting to evening event was unique. As the presentation of the new brand identity ended, the floor on which the speakers of the business meeting stood just minutes ago began to rise. In an impressive act accompanied by evocative lighting effects, a second floor opened up underneath the business meeting floor. This second floor was the centre of the evening event, which was also marked by the new brand identity. A boy and a girl band fought out a passionate battle of the bands, which culminated in the performance by superstar Anastacia and by DJ Tiesto who presented a song that had been produced exclusively for Skoda.

The second day was another cornerstone of the brand’s communication. The “New Power of Skoda” gained an immediate dimension for the dealers. Accompanied by Sales Director Jürgen Stackmann, the guests were given a tour of a sample showroom that demonstrated the new dealer CI and interior in great detail. The trading partners took the opportunity to discuss the new showroom concept with the Skoda representatives and to give valuable feedback. With a service concept that showed great attention to detail (participant management, travel and luggage logistics for all guests, etc.), Vok Dams allowed the guests of the event to experience Skoda’s human touch first-hand.