GERMANY – Vok Dams describes the future of Live-Marketing

GERMANY – Vok Dams describes the future of Live-Marketing

Looking at future event concepts, the Future Report, published by Vok Dams, the specialists for hybrid events, describes how playful elements or
modern game tactics can be integrated into the communication process
, portrays virtual
assistant systems, and shows how participants’ interaction can be boosted with the help
of smart networks. Examples and facts of successful live-marketing concepts as well as
an outlook into the future (“robotics”) and the description of intelligent approaches for
measuring event impact round off the whitepaper.

The conclusion of the report in a nutshell:

1. Communication for the next generation
Companies should already today learn and train the implementation of modern
technologies, as only those who early on deal with the characteristics and the
communicative behavior of digital natives will be amongst the winners of this imminent

2. Attachment is the new attention
The future of live-communication is less shaped by groundbreaking technological
inventions but rather by how already existing tools are applied in and adapted to live-

3. Knowledge is power
In future, the application of smartphones, tablets, mobile applications and smart
networks will revolutionize how communicative impact is measured and allow for trade
show evaluations with an hitherto unknown depth and precision.
Marketplace intelligence will become one of the most decisive success factors for live-
marketing in future.

The whitepaper “Hybrid Events: Future Report” is available via .