GERMANY – Vok Dams creates a dream for 2,800 guests of Geberit.

06At the end of August Geberit major clients, opinion leaders and multipliers (expert associations, educational institutions, politicians) and potential clients attended the event in three cities: Hamburg, Duisburg and Stuttgart. The Vok Dams teams supported the biannual event series already for the second time. The overall aim of the event is to allow the attendees to experience the brand Geberit – to clearly position it.

Besides strengthening customer loyalty, the meeting also aims to introduce the brand to new potential customers. Thus, the event concept should provide space and time for emotional, connecting experiences and an intense dialogue between employees and customers.

06The core message of the Top Meeting 2011: Geberit products improve people’s quality of life. Culinary delights also increase the quality of life. Analogies between Geberit’s system technology and the perfect food led to the idea: “Heavenly life – A culinary early summer’s night dream in 4 acts”. A love story of discovering, losing, searching and finding in four acts was told and interwoven with an outstanding four-course meal. The presentation took place on four levels. A wild chef and an innovative media concept stood in contrast to the classic early summer’s night dream.

06An evening full of dreams was created: surprising, entertaining, innovative, sensual and optimally suited to the brand, organized by the event specialists of Vok Dams. Geberit CEO Dr. Karl Spachmann concludes by citing Dom Helder Camara: “If somebody dreams a dream, it’s only a dream. But if many dream the same dream together, it may be the beginning of a wonderful world.”

The implementation caused a stir and gave rise to much conversation in a relaxed atmosphere after dinner. The attendees gave much positive feedback on the evening or later via email, fax or letter.