GERMANY – Vok Dams.Consulting publishes ‘User generated Incentive’ study

User generated Incentive‘, published by Vok Dams.Consulting, found in customization the main success factor for incentive programmes. The study, made after interviewing a total of 142 marketing managers from 58 companies, supports the point that also in the field of incentives, the digital networking and, with it, the user generated content, acquire an increasingly important role. Only the feedback the internet-based communication channels enable, guarantees an individual approach. The integration of social media and the direct exchange become more and more decisive criteria.
Next to customization, constancy is another important success factor for incentive measures. 41% of the respondents indicated that they already perform each measure over a longer period of time; a trend, clearly away from individual activity.

Hence, the way to future success is clearly predetermined by the incentives of employees: orientation towards the individual needs of the participants, execution of the measures over a longer period and enduring motivation and involvement.

The study provides informative content for the development of incentive measures in the coming years. The clear trend to user generated incentive has to be taken under consideration in the conception and implementation. Vok Dams offers a solution to this, through its Präm.Kom system that addresses the needs of every individual participant.

The study, as well as, the former ones, are available on or upon request by email at .