GERMANY – Vok Dams China supports BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

GERMANY – Vok Dams China supports BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

More than 300 executive managers from 48 countries participated in the 4th World

Young Leaders Forum, which took place in Beijing from the 19th until the 23rd of

September this year.

The Forum looked into questions of sustainability and of qualitative growth both in

China and the world. Moreover, the BMW Foundation wanted to specifically mobilize

the experiences and resources of the assembled managers, politicians, scientists,

journalists and social entrepreneurs.

An exciting task for the event specialists of the Chinese office of Vok Dams in Beijing.

They ensured an impressive, emotional finale of the World Young Leaders Forum

and were also responsible for the organization, design, action program and guest


The participants’ keen interest until to the early hours of the morning shows that the

concept of Vok Dams China and the BMW Foundation worked out: mobilization of the

executive managers and new commitment through personal and creative contacts.

The World Young Leaders Forum is an initiative of the BMW Foundation Herbert

Quandt. The BMW Foundation inspires and supports people, to commit themselves

to contribute to the common welfare and to a sustainable society. This is why the

Foundation works with partners across the world and across sector boundaries, to

jointly look for innovative approaches in politics, economy and society.

Topics of the Forum in Beijing were society’s answers to China’s challenges.

Approaches for the transition from a quantitative to a qualitative growth were especially

in the focus: a task, which not just China but the whole world faces.