GERMANY – Vok Dams and E-Plus score on the field together

The E-Plus Partnershop Congress was held for the seventh consecutive time. Approximately 500 E-Plus Partnershop owners of the Base brand travelled from the entire Germany to this one-day event in the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen.
The E-Plus Group 2010/2011 played in ‘the first league of the mobile market’, after having one of the most successful business years thanks to the Base brand. This year’s Partnershop Congress aimed at communicating the main objective of the Partnershop owners: with their top performance they have managed to win over not only clients but also real fans. In this analogy to football, the Partnershop owners grouped as a team of the 1. FC Base and the E-Plus Management to Club-Management, so they could support their team as best as possible, in accordance with the corporate strategy with innovative tariffs and progressive, future strategies. The motto developed for the event ‘You’ll never walk alone‘ underlined this idea and permeated all aspects of the event as the main theme.

Approximately 500 E-Plus Partnershop owners were invited to the team of the 1. FC Base in advance, through a specially developed online tool. They were requested to register online for the event, to follow the event’s news items and generate relevant themes. The result of this interactive subscriber management tool was a high level of involvement and identification with the 1. FC Base prior to the event. In addition to the registration, this tool offered the participants the possibility to list themselves and qualify for the ‘player of the day‘ title. The participants played a quiz in three online qualification phases with the topics of Base, mobile market and football in order to enter the semi- finals and finals on the day of the event. The four finalists played then on site for the prize of tickets for the 2012 European championship in Poland and Ukraine.

The ‘debut game of the 1. FC Base’ took place in the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen. As befits an organization with international stature, the participants expected during the event everything their football-heart desired. Upon arrival at the ‘Fan-Base‘, similar to a club’s museum, the E-Plus Partnershop owners discovered the history and the great moments of the 1. FC Base. Football, team spirit and passion were there – felt and touched. Uniformly integrated in space, the guests experienced the stands of the E-Plus hardware partners. The theme ‘football fans’ functioned as the unifying element. Additional football activities enriched the exhibition and cleverly facilitated the stimulation of conversation: A Wii – soccer station and the XXL – soccer or football on Playstation were only some elements of the “Fan-BASE”.

Afterwards the participants arrived in the Vip cabin, in which – in front of the impressive scene of the arena – the formulated in advance themes of the participants were discussed. The guests as well, got to hear a speech of Hermann Scherer on the topic ‘opportunity intelligence‘. The executives of E-Plus agreed with the partners further for 2012. Lou Richter and Mirja Boes led the event. Films livened up the event with the ‘You’ll never walk alone‘ message playing continuously: Spontaneous fan- interviews and statements with clients, impressive games, emotional fan moments, legendary goals and situations.

After the official part, a surprise awaited the guests in the Players’ Lounge – the former Fan-Base: With light-effects and transformed decoration, the familiar space appeared totally different, like a modern Players’ Lounge. Oblique lights and an illuminated bar brought forth other features than before in the exhibition. The highlight of the evening was the appearance of the Atzen sponsored by MTV mobile.

Altogether, Vok Dams created for the E-Plus Partnershop Congress a consistent football world where passion and emotion played an essential role. The feeling of the event was experienced even before its beginning and remained beyond the event in the follow-up communication later on. The strict application of the ‘You’ll never walk alone’ theme intensified the ‘we’ feeling and stimulated involvement and integration from the participants.