GERMANY – “Does supply match demand?”: MICE Club LIVE presents a programme with high industry relevance

On the one hand: fairness, respect and pitch fees. On the other hand: optimised purchasing, transparency and efficient consulting. The call in the industry for constructive solutions that meet the interests of both parties – clients and suppliers – is getting louder. The second edition of MICE Club LIVE is therefore devoted to a topic that concerns the entire industry: the communication culture between event planners and suppliers in the MICE and event sector.
Under the motto “Does supply match demand? Using know-how transfer for decision making support in tendering processes”, planners from companies, agencies and organisations – as well as service and product suppliers – will discuss and learn with and from each other. The Belgian presenter and facilitator Stien Michiels, who has made a name for herself with, among others, her entrepreneurship project “Riverkeeper“, will be moderating the two highly interactive days.

On the one hand, prestigious communication and event agencies, such as pro event, von Hagenjaeger + haeckerhase and Matt Circus will be there as insiders and as a source of ideas. On the other, well-known suppliers such as Steigen- bergerParty RentBroich Catering and VisitDenmark to name but a few. Jan Kalbfleisch, Managing Director of FAMAB is also on board. He emphasises: “Pitch culture must be close to everyone’s heart in the industry. After all, it is about nothing less than shaping the future of direct business communications. The attitude that ‘the client is the root of all evil’ should not prevail. What the industry needs is dialogue at eye level. This is the aim of the MICE Club, and we are happy to support it.” 


Like last year, the event architecture is based on Creative Director Oliver Malat’s notion of three pillars. “Educational” uses targeted workshops to convey new impetuses and ideas for everyday, often collaborative, work. In these interac- tive, hands-on workshops, industry players exchange technical expertise and insider knowledge, while using open dialogue to develop practical tools aimed at topics such as “Values and Attitude”, “Concept & Idea” and “Sales & Competition”.

In the interactive “MICE Labs“, inspiration and exchange of knowledge between suppliers and planners in varying settings form the agenda. Participants will have ten 15-minute sessions in which to present their products within the context of added value. They will also have the opportunity to build valuable business contacts and become better acquainted with their counterparts. Rather than industry-standard presentations, this will involve numerous innovative and results-oriented approaches, such as playful gamification elements and storytell- ing.

Networking“, the third pillar, is of equal importance. The relaxed MICE Club LIVE atmosphere encourages dialogue at eye level and provides an environment in which to continue discussions and build contacts.

MICE Club LIVE most definitely aims to maintain its special position with respect to event concepts and goals in 2014. Dominik Deubner, initiator of the MICE Club, explains the idea of the industry format: “We, the various stakeholders in the MICE and event industry, must get to know each other better, question processes with constructive criticism and be aware that we can only enjoy sustained success by cooperating.” To this end, all MICE Club participants meet as a “system of actors with the same goal.” Every single individual is invited to reflect on their role, opportunities and possibilities as part of the “MICE system”, and to find promising new avenues for their own business.

The upcoming MICE Club LIVE takes place in the Ruhr region on 7th and 8th July 2014. A special highlight is the free pre-tour on 5th and 6th July 2014, during which MICE Club LIVE participants can get to know the Ruhr Metropolis in all its diversity. The weekend includes two nights at the Atlantic Congress Hotel Essen as well as meals and transfers throughout the tour. Places for this special offer are limited, so be sure to register as soon as possible.

All information about MICE Club LIVE, the pre-tour and the MICE Club online portal can be found at: .