GERMANY – ‘BASE goes X-treme’ with Hagen Invent

GERMANY – ‘BASE goes X-treme’ with Hagen Invent

In the close-fought mobile phone market, the figures for the E-Plus Group and its
best-known brand, BASE, are continuing on their upward course. This year’s
E-Plus franchisee event therefore aimed to place the focus more firmly on the
performance of national retail partners and to promote dialogue with the
strategically crucial sales channel.
In this context, Hagen Invent made use of
an analogy that fits in perfectly with the E-Plus Group’s aggressive sales strategy
and predominantly male target group, staging its central informational and
motivational meeting as a top event for action and extreme sports.

Against the
atmospheric backdrop of an old industrial forge in Düsseldorf, around 450
franchisees, E-Plus employees and hardware partners at the 2013 franchisee
event were able to experience for themselves how extreme challenges can be
overcome with a combination of stamina, ambition and courage.

Guests saw that ‘BASE goes X-treme’ was not merely the motto but set the tone
for the entire event as soon as they entered the old forge building: between
hardware partners’ stands and the various catering stations, E-Plus plunged its
450 guests into the world of extreme sports with action modules such as
e-skateboards, surf simulators, half-pipes, zorbing, skateboard courses, climbing
walls, a free-diving plunge pool
and a gigantic BASE jumping air mattress.

meant that the informational event not only enabled conversations in a relaxed
atmosphere and information on product innovations but also guaranteed great
entertainment, fun and rushes of adrenaline
, allowing guests to challenge their

The topic of extreme sports was also reflected in the meeting session
presented by 1LIVE host Jeannine Michaelsen, in which members of the E-Plus
management were able to look back on the year and present the company’s
strategy for the year to come. The high point of the session was the appearance
of speed climber Thomas Huber, who inspired the public with a rousing keynote

Another highlight for the guests was the evening event, when two of the world’s
most famous skateboarders and BMX riders showed off their skills in a
breathtaking half-pipe show.

German rock band Stanfour provided music at the
end of the event before the delighted guests went off to the after-show party,
which successfully concluded the highly charged 2013 franchisee event that
effectively shaped our brand identity.

It was an all-round success for the experts for live communication at Hagen
who were responsible for the event’s creation and planning, as well as
the logistics, travel and guest management.