GERMANY – Oakley Sunglasses at Night by VOK DAMS China

An hour before the doors of the Oakley store opened, the invitees and visitors of Beijing’s fashionable district Sanlitun already lined up to catch a glimpse of the inside through the shop windows.

Oakley Sanlitun.jpg

The beats of the DJs could be heard throughout the entire shopping mall Sanlitun Village Shop and were an acoustic magnet. The cool sports brand had invited 400 people to a top-class party; among them were athletes of the Oakley Family, media and press representatives, bloggers, fan club members, opinion leaders and important business partners. The leading celebrity was Vaness Wu, one of China’s most popular singers and actors who became immensely famous in Asia-Pacific when he starred in a TV series in 2011. Wu is in fact considered the male Chinese version of Kylie Minogue. At the party, star-DJ Chozie spun the records and graffiti artist DAI created t-shirts.

In addition, VOK DAMS China also supported Oakley as partner of the first “Air+Style” snowboard event in Beijing, which was all about Olympic champion and cult athlete Shaun White.

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