GERMANY – Jung von Matt designs ‘Nikon – At The Heart of Photokina’

GERMANY – Jung von Matt designs ‘Nikon – At The Heart of Photokina’

Cologne based Jung von Matt/relations, an agency for PR, events and spatial
communications, which is one of the finalists at this year’s EuBEA, has resorted this time to one of the most emotional icons in the world –
the heart. As an interactive multimedia highlight, it formed the central design element of the
Nikon trade fair presentation, creating a unique magnetism in keeping with the motto
Nikon – At the Heart of Photokina’.


Measuring six by six metres, the media installation consisted of a hundred full HD LED
television screens
. This is bordered by a pixel-like ceiling structure and a table unit with a
total of eight interactive terminals. The perfect combination of the rotating Nikon heart,
mirror images on the table and ceiling gave rise to a unique spatial experience, breaking up
the dimensions and depth of the room and causing natural boundaries to disappear.

The media display of the Nikon heart showed fascinating pictures and videos relating to
brand topics and product areas, and brought the whole content to life in a playful and
feeling-charged way. Visitors could also take their own pictures on the Nikon heart,
distribute them on facebook and flickr, upload them to the Nikon heart and therefore
make their own contribution to the overall scenography.

As a result of the dynamic arrangement of pixel elements on the ceiling, the entire
presentation and exhibition area was clearly subdivided into various product sectors,
promoting clarity and making it easier for visitors to get their bearings. With its giant
I Am Nikon’ video screen, the stage offered visitors an exciting programme of
entertainment featuring internationally celebrated top-ranking speakers from the worlds of
photography and film. An interactive video area invited visitors to try out the new video
cameras and make films of their own.


The trade fair stand had supplementary backup from various publicity measures on the
trade fair grounds and in the city. Photographic campaigns at three Cologne locations, in
partnership with established photographer’s studios, and large billboards with posters put
people in the mood for a visit to the Nikon stand.

And right at the southern entrance to the Cologne Trade Fair, Nikon surprised its fans with
an unusual stairway installation. Here visitors’ pictures were taken, and they were then
welcomed to the event by finding the pictures displayed on a giant LED screen over the
entrance, carrying the motto ‘I Am Life’. At the Nikon stand in hall 2.2 the photos could be
printed out, distributed on the social web or viewed on the interactive media installation.

Nikon’s Photokina publicity was also omnipresent on the Internet. Whether on Nikon
blogs, on the dedicated Photokina YouTube channel or on Facebook, there was every
opportunity of following the Nikon presentation and being an active part of it.