GERMANY – Jeep at Red Bull 400: Vok Dams supports cooperation

GERMANY – Jeep at Red Bull 400: Vok Dams supports cooperation

Sporting ambition and the desire to overcome tough challenges were what made the participants at Red Bull 400 manage the toughest 400 meters of their lives – up the runout, the jump-off platform and the inrun, covering more than 140 meters in altitude difference with an incline of 35 degrees up to the belay at the top.

vokdamsRed Bull 400 – the toughest 400 meters in the world – made its debut on 25th July 2015 in Germany. The legendary Black Forest Hochfirstschanze in Titisee-Neustadt, from which the world elite of ski jumpers fly downhill in winter, was taken by storm from the opposite direction this summer. At Red Bull 400 it’s not just sturdy calves that are needed, but also stamina and the willingness to really push one’s boundaries.

Jeep is the official mobility partner of Red Bull Events in Germany and is present at selected extreme sports events. While the participants of Red Bull 400 were fighting for victory, the spectators could enjoy a much more comfortable challenge: at the Jeep Offroad-Parcours they could test the off road abilities of the newest Jeep models.

For an optimal positioning, exciting accompanying actions and professional car handling, Jeep trusted the events and automobile expertise of the agency Vok Dams. For the team of the Frankfurt-based agency, Titisee-Neustadt was the beginning of a wonderful friendship within the cooperation of Jeep and Red Bull, which will continue for at least four more events.