GERMANY – Hagen Invent stages the M Festival 2013 for BMW M

GERMANY – Hagen Invent stages the M Festival 2013 for BMW M

For the third time in a row, with the help of Hagen Invent (Düsseldorf), BMW M invited the international BMW M community to the exclusive M Festival at the Nürburgring on the Whit weekend 2013.

In the temporarily constructed BMW M club gallery, which was situated right at the entrance to the legendary Nordschleife, BMW M showed its calibre as an exciting host. With live race coverage, interviews with the drivers, inside information from BMW Motorsport experts, live pit stop coverage and much more, BMW M guaranteed for a thrilling and thoroughly entertaining three days.

In addition, around 450 people attending the M Festival were treated to a highly emotional and personal racing experience: in 200 of their own M vehicles, they took part in the M Corso around the Nordschleife, cheered on by the crowd. The presentation of the new BMW M5 with competition package, staged via impressive 3-D mapping technology, was a further highlight for the fans of ‘the most powerful letter in the world’.


‘To this day, BMW is by far the most successful brand in the Nordschleife’s 40-year history. In line with this exceptional record, we teamed up with BMW M to create an unrivalled brand experience,’ says Steffen Dietz, creative director at Hagen Invent and member of the management team.

As such, BMW M impressed its fans with two breathtaking event areas alongside the racetrack, which put the viewing platforms of BMW M’s competitors in the shade. In addition to the BMW M lounge on the fifth floor and on the roof terrace of the TÜV Tower, previously the highest point on the Nürburgring with a direct view of the pit lane, BMW M went one better and thrilled its fans this year with the dizzying heights of the M Power Tower. The 80-metre-high crane gondola gave a fantastic view over both parts of the track, crowning an unforgettable weekend of high-octane racing, exceptional entertainment and pure passion in the BMW M community.


As the lead agency, the Düsseldorf experts for live communication were responsible for the general concept and implementation of the M Festival 2013, after winning over BMW M GmbH following its creative and logistics pitch with an impressive concept, exciting ideas and its unbridled passion for motorsport.