GERMANY – Hagen Invent pushes Mazda forward

GERMANY – Hagen Invent pushes Mazda forward

In line with the motto ‘Mazda forward’, the Japanese car manufacturer sent a clear
message to its German dealers: at an event tailored exactly to the target group
and character of the brand, the 850 dealers were inspired towards a successful
future with Mazda.
Hagen Invent’s experts for live communication in Düsseldorf
were responsible for conceiving, creating and implementing the dealer event,
which took guests on an emotional journey through the 40-year history of Mazda

On presenting the new brand direction and strategy, the journey ultimately
reached the present and offered glimpses into the future of the car manufacturer.
The high point of the day was the dynamic staging of the new Mazda6 in an
innovative, motivating show symbolising the growth plans and optimistic spirit of
Mazda Germany.

Guests were able to experience Mazda’s core values of partnership and
community during the business meeting and evening event. Renowned speakers
from Mazda’s international management team demonstrated to the dealers their
appreciation and, in emotional speeches, they reinforced the ambitions for the
brand to pursue a successful future with passion and a spirit of optimism,
unfettered by convention.

Recognition of the dealers as major brand ambassadors
and essential parts of Mazda’s success strategy was strengthened through their
emotional involvement in the interactive product presentation.

The Mazda dealer event contributed to strengthening the dealers’ brand loyalty: in
the balance between tradition and innovation, they experienced the strong
connection between design, technology and driving pleasure, and were united in
their support for Mazda’s strategy for the future.

Adone Kheirallah, managing
partner and creative director of Hagen Invent, remarked: “Our aim was to
authentically reflect the character of the brand in order to strengthen the dealers’
identification with the brand over the long term. The guests’ consistently positive feedback demonstrates that we achieved a credible and identity-forming brand