GERMANY – Hagen Invent launches charity campaign ‘bake for good* 2012’

GERMANY – Hagen Invent launches charity campaign ‘bake for good* 2012’

The charity campaign bake for good* 2012 will certainly never be forgotten by the 150 tiny and grown-up bakers who helped out: with complete commitment and enthusiasm for the concept, they kneaded, shaped, decorated and packed over 30,000 lovingly iced cinnamon stars and macaroons over the course of an evening – individual tokens of love for the elderly and needy Düsseldorf residents who are looked after by the DRK Herzwerk initiative.

bake for good* founder Hagen Invent was helped by Düsseldorf company mjam Catering Services who provided the location, excellent recipes, lots of helping hands and expert know-how, thus showing a great deal of compassion for others during the hectic Advent period.

For visitors to a DRK senior citizens’ meeting, who were given the tasty treats in the presence of bake for good* patron and Herzwerk founder Jenny Jürgens, there was a great deal to celebrate.

Jürgens was inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of the charity baking campaign and the commitment of the Düsseldorf agency: ‘I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful campaign! Without people like you, our Herzwerk initiative would not be possible.’

Hagen Invent’s creative director and bake for good* initiator Adone Kheirallah says that the communal baking of biscuits for needy people is a cause close to his and his team’s heart. ‘bake for good* began in 2010 as a pre-Christmas charity baking event within our agency. The lovely and completely authentic community spirit and the joy of gift giving inspired us to expand bake for good* in 2011 to our circle of friends’, explains Kheirallah.

And expand it they did: ‘The positive feedback and amazing support of so many friends and business partners has really touched me. And it provides great motivation to carry on with bake for good*. If gift giving is this much fun, I have no excuse not to do it.’