GERMANY – Hagen Invent creates ‘Investment Dialog‘ 2.0

GERMANY – Hagen Invent creates ‘Investment Dialog‘ 2.0

For the 16th time, DZ Bank invited 1,000 chairs of cooperative banks, as well as
their most important customers and colleagues from affiliated companies to its
Investment Dialog’. At the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, high-calibre speakers from the
worlds of politics, economy and society tackled the question ‘Opinion as a
currency? The value of the social web
’. From selecting the topic of the event,
creating the motto and choosing speakers to realising the event, the fourth
largest German credit institute once again relied on the expertise of Hagen Invent, the
Düsseldorf experts for live communication, who have been responsible for the
annual stakeholder dialogue event since 2009.

While prominent speakers such as Christian Lindner, State and Political Group
Chairman of the FDP in NRW, Stefan Tweraser, Country Director of Google
Deutschland, and Richard Reitzner, Managing Director of Home Shopping
Europe spoke about the economic relevance of the social web, Raul
, founder of, and video expert Bertram Gugel gave
interesting practically-oriented insights into the theme of the evening. During the
closing discussion session, ‘Investment Dialog’ presenters Corinna Wohlfeil (ntv) and Christian Sievers (ZDF), specially invited to moderate the event, talked to
representatives from DZ Bank Group, the Federal Association of German
Cooperative Banks (BVR), company representatives and the
German/Austrian/Egyptian journalist Karim el-Gawhary about the socio-political
importance and future of social media.


The experts from Hagen Invent made use of their in-depth knowledge of
social media to support the content and dramaturgical aspects of the 16th
‘Investment Dialog’. Thanks to the intelligent use of social channels, guests were
encouraged to interact with the hosts and speakers in a targeted way, live at the
event. Important topics to the audience were identified and questions tackled in real time. Features such as a Twitter wall also showcased the functionality of the
social web.

‘Tackling the economic and conceptual benefits of the social web is essential in
this day and age. In view of the heterogeneous target group, we placed great
importance on presenting the various aspects of the social web in a practical and
interactive manner while planning this event’, said Adone Kheirallah, Managing
Partner at Hagen Invent. ‘The success of the 16th ‘Investment Dialog’ shows
that we have been successful in actively involving the audience and giving them
a long-lasting impression of social media that will go far beyond the event itself’.