GERMANY – Event market booms in the US

GERMANY – Event market booms in the US

The Wuppertal events and live-marketing agency Vok Dams is currently observing an above-average growth of the US-American event market, especially in the automobile industry field. 


Vok Dams, one of the leading agencies for events and live-marketing world- wide that has been active in the US for several years, is currently observing an above-average growth of the US-American event market.
This growth does not come as a surprise, though. For one thing, the event market is growing generally, and especially the automobile industry is proving to be a major driving force here. In the US, the automobile industry has recovered markedly better than it has, say, in Europe. And the German automobile brands, which have focused on innovation and cost efficiency, benefit from this development.

Cars are highly emotional products that call for an appropriately emotional communication. A classical task for events and live-marketing. And the increasing digitization of the media, which is much more pronounced in the US, plays into the hands of this development here.
What could be more natural than combining these two communication channels with one another? It is events above all that are able to ensure a 360° brand experience due to their opportunity for direct dialog, and it is events above all that meet the clients’ needs for authenticity, emotion, relevance and added value.

This, however, turns events into more than just one communication channel amongst many. Instead, events now generate content for all relevant channels of the target groups. Consequentially, the event moves into the center of the overall marketing campaign – and the classical campaign becomes a “Live Campaign”. And this development is what plays a major role in the event market boom – not just in the US.