GERMANY – Devro picks Domset Live-Kommunikation once again

Devro is one of the world’s leading supplier of collagen casings for food products,
with production and sales locations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Great
Britain, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia and the United States, among others.
The sales teams from all countries met up for a four-day ‘Global Sales
‘ in mid-May. The aim was to communicate the company’s new brand
values, spearheaded by the ‘Value not Price‘ slogan, and to translate this into
global sales.

“Not only did we achieve our goals, we were overwhelmed by the
exceptionally great and positive feedback from the participants,” said Will Blair,
Director of Marketing, Devro, adding: “At Devro, we place great emphasis on high
standards. Domset had already convinced us with their original ‘We will knack
’ idea at the IFFA 2010 and their highly professional implementation at the
Fair. Their work for the ‘Global Sales Conference’ has more than confirmed this

Apply, understand and take in: Domset’s conceptual approach for this highly
strategic event focused primarily on the active cooperation and inter-office
between subsidiaries and participants. Thus the challenge of uniting
some 70 people from four continents around a common denominator led to the
actual solution: Besides the opening speech of the CEO, Peter Page, and the
keynote speech from sales trainer Thomas Burzler, the conference programme
included numerous hands-on workshops, in which internationally-mixed groups
had to apply Devro’s principles into a common theme. The subsequent team-
building was channelled into building a ‘Marble Run‘, integrating all the brand
values into a whole, and during which, teams had to respond to simulated market
changes with flexible strategies.

The entire conference concept generated top results and motivated the
international management, a fact that was further confirmed through a survey,

also conducted by Domset, to measure the event’s success. The findings covered
not just the general satisfaction with the event itself but focused especially on
reaching the assigned communication objective, namely to ‘establish the new
Devro values
‘ and the future brand positioning.

“A valid and objective
measurement of success is becoming increasingly more important for many of our
clients. In addition to the monitoring of results, a strategic evaluation serves as
an invaluable tool for both the conceptual alignment and the implementation of
follow-up activities” says Oliver Malat, Creative Director at Domset.