GERMANY – Dealers “feel the breeze” at Volkswagen Forum

During the week-long event, around 400 participants arrived at Dresden daily to take part in an informative and diversified two-day program that allowed them exclusive insight into Volkswagen’s latest product innovations. Overall responsibility for the creative concept and implementation of the dealer event, as well as for the brand and product show and evening function, lay in the hands of the event marketing agency Hagen Invent, whose staff of experts were also able to guarantee problem-free travel arrangements and guest management.

“Cabriolet feeling” – the dominant feature at “VW Cabrio Days”

VW Cabrio Days_Dresden_Cabrio Experience.jpgAt the core of the “VW Cabrio Days” event program was the dynamic, static and emotional experiencing of the new cabriolet models Golf and EOS. The dealers discovered the outstanding merits and features of the vehicles during a self-driving experience in the area known as “Saxon Switzerland”, an activity that aroused enormous enthusiasm amongst the guests and generated an exhilarating ‚cabriolet feeling‘ that effectively continued throughout the event.

In the evening, the business meeting offered the guests a very special kind of brand and product show. In the setting of an Italian piazza, the audience was presented with a fascinating blend of show, lifestyle and presentation, giving them insight into the future prospects of the brand and the future product range. A kitchen party with celebrity chef Nelson Müller rounded off the day in a perfect atmosphere: informal and sophisticated at the same time, it was just the right setting for an easy-going get-together and informal exchange of ideas.

06Adone Kheirallah, managing partner at Hagen Invent, expressed his delight at the success of the event: “Our idea was to allow the guests to experience the new models in an all-inclusive, universal way, thus lending the Volkswagen Forum a completely new touch, so to speak emotionally supercharging it. And with success: The ‚cabriolet feeling‘ was tangible throughout every minute of the event – a feeling that’s certain to leave a lasting impression on the brand consciousness of the target group.”