Gerd De Bruycker (CISCO), new President of the Jury: “EuBea is the place to be”

Gerd De Bruycker (CISCO), new President of the Jury: “EuBea is the place to be”

A unique platform for networking and to celebrate innovation through the recognition of european excellences in events. In the role of new President of the Jury, De Bruycker expects to see new approaches to live experiences, innovation, creativity. And also how live events fi tinto an overall campaign and are misured in terms of awareness, engagement and revenue contribution.

GerdpictureThe die is cast. We are pleased to officially introduce you the next President of the Jury of EuBea 2016, the International Festival of Events and Live Communication organized by ADC Group, that will take place in October 2016 (13-15) in Saint Petersburg.

‘Veteran’ of our prize, being member of our prestigious Jury Panel in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Gerd De Bruycker is Marketing Lead Northern Europe – Head of Event Marketing EMEAR at Cisco.

De Bruycker is leading the Cisco Marketing team for Northern Europe (11 countries), he is heading up the EMEA Events Team (Cisco Live etc.) and he is leading the EMEA Marketing Learning and Development Program. He and his events team are responsible for Cisco´s top events in the region like Cisco Live, CIO Summit, CMO Summit etc next to the overall event strategy and working out services to enable local marketers to execute local events. For Cisco Live they have won several internal and external industry awards. Under his leadership the event has grown from 4,000 to 11,000 people over 5 editions and has become one of Cisco´s flagship events. Before joining Cisco 5 years ago, he worked for almost 10 years at Microsoft on a country, regional and worldwide level, mostly running events in major European cities and the Middle East. He is also teaching Corporate Event Management at a college in Belgium.

An interview to Gerd De Bruycker (Cisco Systems), newly appointed Eubea 2016 Jury President from ADC Group on Vimeo.

Here we are with the new edition of EuBea Festival and with our new President of the Jury. Are you happy to be on board in this role?

I am excited to be on board. I have a passion for events and the events industry as a whole. I consider this as an industry recognition for the work that I have been doing in the past with my teams at Microsoft and Cisco. So, I’m happy to contribute and facilitate discussions to drive innovation and cutting edge participant experiences.

Which are, in your opinion, the most important aspects of this annual event?

For me there are two main important aspects. First of all, it is an industry recognition that celebrates innovation and cutting edge participant experiences. Secondly, it is a perfect platform for networking, meeting new people, hearing about new approaches, projects and so on.

What do you think about the chosen structure? (3 days of live presentations, leisure activities…)

I especially like the fact that it brings together the corporate side and the agency side of our industry in a kind of competitive and pleasant environment that allows for learning and networking.

How important do you think it is to hold and spread a Festival that creates an opportunity of connection between companies and agencies and supply and demand, nowadays?

It is perfect. That is one of the reasons I am all in. It is for me a learning platform where I happily dedicate time on.

Are there any inspirations and ideas you cought for your work across your long experience with EuBea Festival as a jury member? Was it useful for you?

If it wasn´t useful, I simply wouldn´t continue to participate and accept the new role! Surely, each year I meet new people and learn new things and approaches. Even if it is to compare where we are in comparison to our colleagues.

What kind of events do you expect do see at our next edition of EuBea?

I expect to see new approaches to live experiences, innovation, creativity. Also how live events fit into an overall marketing campaign and how the events are measured in terms of awareness, engagement and revenue contribution.