FRANCE – Sanpellegrino offers an escape to Italy in the heart of Paris

FRANCE – Sanpellegrino offers an escape to Italy in the heart of Paris

The brand has entrusted Magic Garden with the design, production and implementation of “La Piazza Deliziosa”: an unforgettable escapade through the flavors and pleasures of Italy to celebrate the first summer heats with cans of fruity Sanpellegrino drinks.

Sanpellegrino‘s sparkling fruit drinks have become the symbol of the Italian joie de vivre: with them, the brand cultivates the spirit “The Life Deliziosa“, which makes life so sweet. To immerse people in this concept, a public event was created in Paris.

On 22-23rd April, French agency Magic Garden transformed Place Emile Goudeau, perched on the hill of Montmarte, into a real Italian village. During these days, the public had the chance to taste the Italian way of life: the sweet smell of fruits embalmed the place and tastings were offered at a bar where people could also create handmade crowns, bracelets or buttonholes of flowers.

A festive atmosphere reigned in this ephemeral little corner. Guests could take part in a “bocce” tournament, a typical Italian game, or even dance under the fruit trees.

This event was an opportunity for Sanpellegrino to boost its notoriety within a target of young people and to affirm its presence on social networks by encouraging them to share pictures and videos from the event.