FRANCE – Rosapark’s interactive Thalys Sound Bite billboard

FRANCE – Rosapark’s interactive Thalys Sound Bite billboard

French advertising agency Rosapark has created an interactive billboard that – while being an experience itself – conveys the experience of visiting some of the biggest cities with the Belgian train company Thalys.

rosaparkFor Thalys and the operation “Sounds of the City”, the French agency Rosapark imagined an audio tour through some of Europe’s major cities, like Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, which are all part of the train company’s routes, through a fun and unique device.

With a microphone in hand, they collected the poetic, amazing or even strange sounds that characterise these cities. After that, they placed the recorded sounds in panels equipped with hundreds of jacks. Each billboard recreated moments of discovery, joy, and new encounters, all of which are essential experiences when travelling.

Each city map on the billboards had over 1.000 recorded sounds and each sound had a unique jack, so that people could simply insert the jack of their headphones to virtually start exploring the city and enjoy its magic atmosphere.