FRANCE – ‘It´s Just Next Door’: an interactive and real-time action

FRANCE – ‘It´s Just Next Door’: an interactive and real-time action

To promote their routes to European destinations, SNCF has installed in the French capital, in collaboration with agency TBWA Paris, a series of mysterious doors. In each colorful door hung the sign with the name of one of the new destinations where they get their trains : Milan, Stuttgart, Geneva, Barcelona and Brussels .


For the bravest bystanders who dared to open the door, a surprise awaited them: the screen frame showed the city that was advertised on the door. In Barcelona, a group of guys was waving from the Plaza del Port Vell, a mime surprised them from the square of the Cathedral of Milan, in Geneva they almost got on a boat in lake Leman and they could even go around Stuttgart on bikes and follow the ride of young Germans in the city.

What was really shocking? The action was fully interactive, the actors spoke and gave instructions to pedestrians, they answered them. It was not a pre-recorded video, it was a real-time experience.

The idea was that Parisians could live and experience the cities simply by opening the door. As easy as it is to catch the train to get to these European points from the center of Paris. A simple concept that was reinforced through the interactive doors .