FRANCE – French city of Beziers chooses APD for audiovisual show

FRANCE – French city of Beziers chooses APD for audiovisual show

The City Council of Béziers has awarded Acciona Producciones y Diseño (APD) the design, execution and technical operation of the sound and light show titled “Béziers, Toute Une Historie” that will be projected onto the main façade of the city’s Municipal Theater and nearby buildings in the French city.

beziers“Béziers, Toute Une Historie”, carried out using the mapping technique, will include immersive 3D projections, sound, special effects as part of the narration and will complement the projections onto the walls.

The show, which will be projected at 22:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 31st July, was premiered this weekend with an audience of more than 14.000 people. The mapping designed by APD recalls the main milestones of the history of Béziers, founded 2,700 years ago. The story takes spectators on a trip on board a ‘time machine’ that shows relics of the first people who lived in the area – with 3D projects of prehistoric monuments – up to the present day, including the eras of the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs. There are also immersive images that recall one of the shining moments in the city’s history: the creation of the School of University Studies that launched Béziers towards the Modern Age. The Enlightenment, the French Revolution and the Nazi invasion are some of the most spectacular moments in the show.

Acciona Producciones y Diseño will install eleven 22,000 lumen projectors and another eight for aerial light effects. Projects like this one come under what APD calls ‘Cultural Engineering’, a concept based on the use of state-of- the-art visual and sensorial technology to recreate the history, traditions and values of a city or place with the aim of showcasing its historical interest.

In line with Acciona’s overall sustainability-based approach in all its activities, the show will be ‘carbon neutral’, i.e. the CO 2 emissions related to the event will be calculated and then offset through a clean energy project, making a final emissions balance of zero.