Vermouth Class and Martini Cocktail Experience


30 November

09:30 - 13:00


Via Masaccio 19, 20149 Milano


Davide Colombo, Martini brand homes ambassador, will let you discover the ancient technique of our master blender, current guardian of the Martini secret formula, and their surprising use of botanicals. Challenge yourself on balancing the aromatic notes and Make Your Own Vermouth for real! After that he will teach you how to prepare some of the most iconic cocktails of the Martini Drink Strategy and learn the secrets of making the perfect Martini Negroni cocktail, Americano and the bittersweet orange Martini Fiero & Tonic! All this on the rooftop of Terrazza Martini, the perfect setting to experience the aperitivo and enjoy a privileged view on the Duomo and all the city.

IMPORTANT BOOKING INFORMATION: You will be able to sign up for one leisure activity ONLY as they all run simultaneously. Bookings can be done through Bea World 2019 mobile app (available for iOS and Android starting from November) and will close on 29 November at 14:30.