Events industry: 27Names on stage

Milan, November 2011 – On November 23rd in Milan, before the EuBEA Awards Ceremony (within the BEA Expo Festival Kermesse – Spazio Eventiquattro – Gruppo 24 Ore) the most important players in the European events industry will meet to talk about the situation and propose solutions for the future.


At 12.45 some companies and agencies (belonging to the European Association 27Names) will be on the stage to discuss the topic: Is there a need in Europe for European agencies?

On the stage:

Pablo Turletti – CEO, Founder – (Spain)
Jos Feijen – Strategy Director – Zandbeek Communication Group (The Netherlands)
Andrew Savill – Business Development Director – WRG Creative Communication (United Kingdom)
Carlo Hermes – Consultant at Eni (Italy)
Frank Schultz– Manager Live Communication Global Marketing – Volvo Car Corporation (Germany)

They will debate about how the industry has changed in some years and what the agencies can do to meet the companies’ requests for events more and more international. The importance of ROI measurement in the industry will be another topic discussed during the talk show.

In the afternoon, starting at 15.00 it will be held the European Best Event Awards ceremony. During the event will be granted the Golden Elephant, the 18 awards by typology and the 7 awards by technical excellence. But the Awards Ceremony will not be only a celebration event; as the videos of first-ranked will be shown, it will also be a unique chance to benchmark, learn, appreciate the best and most innovative events held by European agencies and companies worldwide.

The participation is free of charge upon registration.

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